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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to Go Where Spirit Leads


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How to Go Where Spirit Leads...Wo-manifesting Your Dreams!


Hey There Soul Sister,

Holy-schmoly what a month! I just packed up my entire life and my young bloods and moved across the country. It was freakin' scary. I did it anyway!
If you missed last month's newsletter, I explained that a move had been in the works for a while. I talked about the heartbreak and synchronous events that led to the big move.
Would you like to hear the "why?"
When I was in my late 20s, I was living in a teepee in northern New Mexico. One dark night, we were visited by a bear. Strong earth medicine, no? She was and is my healer and protector. She connects me to the Great Mother. That night, I had a dream about a beautiful piece of land that I remember in detail to this day.
There was a small simple cabin with fruit trees, a garden with herbs and vegetables, some animals, and a small river behind the cabin. I saw myself walk out of the cabin toward the gardens. My hair was long, gray, and braided down the back. It swayed in the wind as I walked. There was peace in this place and within me.
I intuitively knew that there had been an apocalyptic event, but it didn't seem to matter in this sacred place. I looked up from my gardening chores and noticed a rag-tag group of people coming toward me. They were skin and bones. It was obvious that they had not eaten in a long time. I welcomed them in and had them sit around a fire to warm up. I gave them fresh baked bread, dried fish, cheese, and handmade blankets.
Then, I looked up on the mountain where three men stood. Two of them I knew were my sons. The other man was unknown (and still is). They all had long hair and beards. They had killed a deer and brought it back to camp. There was enough for all of us. I gave thanks to the Deer and Great Spirit for this clean kill and food to nourish all of us. And the dream ended.
I have never forgotten that dream. When the dream took place, my twin boys had not been born. I wasn't even pregnant. Sometimes the dream has been on the back burner simmering as other things in my life took place. In a recent journey, Spirit reminded me of this dream and said "it is time."
So, I began plans to move where Spirit led me...New Mexico. Even as a child, I was drawn to the southwest and perhaps now, I know why.
To me, it's important to follow where the Great Mystery leads me, even though I often question the method and choices.
This is why I moved. I know it's time. The land, Mother Earth is calling me in a very insistent way. I know in my heart and soul that this retreat center will happen and probably not in any way I can possibly imagine.
Any thoughts and prayers for its manifestation are greatly appreciated. May it be a place of refuge for all sisters and brothers.

How do you wo-manifest your dreams? Tell us in the comments.

Find Your Place and It Will Nourish You

wo-manifesting dreams
Hummingbird Medicine brings Joy, Happiness, and Love. Find your place and it will nourish you.

 "We are Divine enough to ask, and we are important enough to receive." ~Wayne Dyer

Hiya Gorgeous,

Phew...what a month it has been! Spring is showing me what rebirth is really all about, and it's not necessarily all sunshine and roses. I've been in a releasing and death phase for the past two years. Finally, the Phoenix is rising from the ashes of my former life. The stories I believed in are no longer valid, and I had to break my heart in order to regain my soul.
Last year was a test of human endurance, confidence in myself, and trust in the Divine.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Love Note #13

Are you ready to be a disciple at the feet of your own heart?

You are on the path that is meant for you, because the path doesn't matter. All paths will lead to the destination of your truth.

PS. Your heart knows what is true for you.