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Monday, July 11, 2016

Love Note #14

It's been a rough couple of months...years...decades...centuries! Is it true that we, as a society are inherently violent? Are we in a violent time? You would think so because we're living through it. However, historically speaking this is the least violent time in history.

That someone, anyone would be targeted as less-worthy because of the color of his or her skin, sexual orientation or religious beliefs, does not click with my mind, heart, or soul. As a white woman, who has been profiled to be every possible religion, race, color, and sexual orientation...I know what it is like to be different. I've never understood it, but I have felt it.

Are we that afraid of differences? Have we always been afraid of differences?

Let's look to the children. They don't see skin color, religion, or gender. They see another human being, a life that they want to get to know. Therefore, we are taught hatred, and it is up to each of us to cull this hatred from our lives and replace it with love.

Maya Angelou said, "Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet."

I've cried a thousand tears over the senseless deaths throughout my life, (from 9/11 to Sandy Hook and the Indigenous mass killings to Black men being shot for just "being." None of these affected me directly, but affected me none-the-less. I have to clear the negative energy from my Being—Every, Single, Time!

It's time we look at the wo-man in the mirror and ask..."Is there hatred and violence in my life?" and "Where do I need to show more Compassion, Empathy, and Love?" When I asked these questions of myself, my answer was, "No way! I'm a person of peace and understanding. I'm not filled with hate."

But then...

...I really looked deep. I have walked across the street to avoid a Black Man coming toward me, instead of walking by and saying "Hello." I have watched violence on TV and in the movies, because it's only make-believe, right? I have a burning hatred for those who spout hatred and racism. But am I in the right? I have bashed another person's religion because they bashed my own beliefs. Does that make me right?

The problems we face as a society are systemic. However, each of us, as individuals, has to be mindful and willing to look in the mirror and really examine our life. How are you adding to the growing problems in our society?

If we are more mindful and loving toward one another, perhaps we can get some momentum going and change the systems. What do you think?

How will you be more mindful of the hatred that creeps into your life? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. To be honest, I have not put much thought into violence.
    But this post is so well written that I thought it was a quote from famous books. What a nice post!