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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pass the Story


I just received the proof for Pass the Story! A dream that started almost three years ago has come to fruition. Cheers to "Wo-manifesting!" I wanted to share a little bit of its history, and of course, a story!

Several years ago, I was sitting around a campfire with a group of women I didn't know. Quite frankly, I had very little regard for women. I thought all of them were bat-shit crazy, backstabbing bitches, including myself. None of us was good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, or beautiful enough. WE weren't enough...period...end of discussion. These were my experiences, my words, and my story. All of our stories become filters through which we see reality.

While sitting in this circle, I felt nothing but love, understanding, and compassion from these women. My words and my story melted into tears of healing. I cried for five days straight. This circle of women allowed me to step out of my story for the first time in more than 40 years and see a reality mixed with the Divine. In this Sacred Space, I was enough. We were all enough. You are enough.

Artwork by Catherine Beerda-Basso, Story by Toi Lynn Wyle

Words can wound. Words can heal. Words are powerful beyond measure. All the words you've ever stated or heard are carried with you and make up your stories and create your realities. It is what we do with these words and stories that ultimately shapes our Universe. We are a part of the words and the words are part of us. They are how we connect with each other, and this, too, makes up our stories.

Artwork and short story by Kimberly Heil; Story by Grace Morningstar Hamilton

The reason I felt compelled to gather these stories is because every story is worth telling, sharing, and hearing. Really, all we have are our stories. The offering of your story is as important to your healing as it is to the people who hear it, as is hearing someone else's story.

Artwork and Story by Pixie Lighthorse

The women in this book, who shared their stories of nighttime dreams, journeys to Non-Ordinary Reality, and Ancient Tales, believe that words and stories can be changed and healed by listening with compassion to one another's stories. They offered their stories with love and compassion for each person who reads their words and sees their art.

Photo by Catherine Beerda-Basso; Story by Jennifer Parde

It is our hope that our words and stories in images will heal a story within you, allow you to use new words to create a new story for your life. There is healing in these words.

I encourage YOU to Pass the Story. There is healing in your words, too.

You can Pre-order Pass the Story until August 1st. You'll get a signed copy and the PDF version as well. It will be available to everyone on August 15.

If you are interested in sharing your story on this blog in the hopes of healing a wound within you and others in the process, you can download the guidelines here. I encourage you to Pass the Story!

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